Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day: Yankees 6, Tigers 3

Thinking the other day how much I used to like it--just a few years ago--when Opening Day was on a Tuesday, the day after March Madness ended, and the first game was in Cincinnati, the birthplace of professional baseball. It was proof to me that God was a sports fan.

Anyway: Damn, I had taken to many forced days off to take off for this one. So, follow by computer. CC was good if not great, Tex is already two weeks ahead of his 2010 home run/RBI pace, Granderson made me feel a little better with Austin Jackson in center for the Tigers (mistake trade? hmmm), and Mo was . . . yeah, Mo.

As John Updike wrote about the Red Sox, the first kiss tingled down to the toes.

1-0. At least tied for first, I haven't checked.