Thursday, January 03, 2008

More Iowa

To recapitulate:

What I'm looking forward to--completely looking forward to, just for fun's sake--is how the Clintons play this the next few weeks.

If the ant-Obama rhetoric/ads don't start coming every hour, on the hour, I'll be stunned.

A cynic might contrast the tone of Obama's speech with the rogue's gallery set up behind Hillary: Wes Clark, Madeline Albright, Bob "Hussein" Kerrey, and the Red-Faced Scoundrel himself, the bunch of them resemblng the police line-up in "The Usual Suspects."

A CYNIC might make the above contrast, but not me. (See? Look for a dozen verbal Clinton loop-de-loops like the above between now and, oh, the end of February, by which time they will be either unecessary or useless.)

Astro-Girl is a solid McCain supporter (I'm registered GOP), but midway through Obama's speech she asked, "You know who he reminds me of?"

I asked, "Jesse Jackson?"


Me (lightbulb on): "Martin Luther King."


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Anonymous said...

Gee whiz, how could anyone be reminded of Martin Luther King . . . "They say-uhd, that we would never get here." They SAY-UGHD . . . blah blah white man talk."

It's like when Tyra Banks goes from perfect newscaster diction to jive-talk mid sentence on ANTM.