Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yankees 5, Rays 0

Eight shutout innings from Pettitte; two terrific catches by Melky in center, then a home run in the eighth to basically put the game out of reach.

A fantastic play by Derek Jeter in the seventh. Two out, runners on first and third, hard shot between short and third. Jeter sprints into left field, leaps in the air, throws the ball to Cano at second while falling in the general direction of the left-field foul pole. Nice.

Not a great game, just a perfect one.

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SunDevilJoe said...

Pettitte and Jeter rose to the occasion. The NYPost put it best:
"With league's best team in town, the two longtime Yankees legends were equally magnificent, carrying an impressive 5-0 victory with their arm, glove and bat."