Friday, May 15, 2009

Yankees 5, Twins 4

A few more wins like that, boys . . .

Astro-Girl and I hosted her uncle and aunt for dinner tonight, and both our guests were subject to my agony early and late, and then eventually to my, "Yes, yes, yes!" when Melky stroked his two-run single to left in the bottom of the ninth.

My uncle-in-law, a hero of the Khmer Rouge death camps, a boat refugee, did his gracious best to follow the last few innings of a game he's never followed. When Melky hit home the winning runs, he asked, "So how much time is left?"

None, baby, I said. None. Game over.

"Then," he said, and lifted his glass of Chianti, "to Melky. To the Yankees. To victory. To Tammie and Joe."

No, Uncle: to you.


Anonymous said...

What a great story, and a GREAT game. Didn't it seem like the yanks had a bunch of games like that in the late 90's? I think Championship teams, real Championship teams HAVE to have 10-15 games like that during the season.

Anonymous said...

Whoops! Anonymous was Robbie-Boy