Sunday, June 07, 2009

Yankees 4, Rays 3

Missed last night's game (another Wizard metldown at Minute Maid) which was just as well.

But you know what today's game was like?

Today's game was a cold beer after a long jog.

Today's game was doubling down on eleven and getting a face card.

Today's game was ordering a medium-rare steak and getting it just red enough in the middle. With a meaty Cabernet.

Today's game was slashing all around a golf course for seventeeen holes, then on 18--from 150 yards--clicking your five iron to send the ball to within six inches of the hole.

Today's game was laying down fours against a full house.

Today's game was waking up in the middle of the night, thinking it was time to get up, then seeing you still had three hours left of sleep.

Today's game was a two-hour afternoon nap that you've known for three days you've needed. And then taking it.

Today's game was seeing a column by Mark Steyn or Jay Nordlinger and saying to yourself, "I'm really going to enjoy the next ten minutes of my life."

Today's game was not perfect, just beautiful.

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SunDevilJoe said...

Somehow, I knew the Yanks were going achieve their 20th come-from-behind victory. As reported in the NYPost:
"This time, they didn't take advantage of their new bandbox stadium: The triumphant rally consisted of two singles, two walks, an error and a forceout."

I'll take it along with sweet revenge for Mo