Monday, July 26, 2010

Yankees 3, Indians 2

Cleveland, always tough. Nice to see Vazquez picking up the slack; with Lee and Haren now spoken for, whom shall our nation turn its lonely eyes to? Lilly? Ugh.

Oswalt is too pricey and just not the right fit.

Swisher has gone from team mascot to indispensible piece. Tex, still gaining speed. And Lord, what a terrible call in the fourth.

I've always defended major-league umpires, with very few exceptions (come on down, CV Buckner, Angel Hernandez, Joe West, Gary "they've come to watch me throw out superstars" Darling, and let us never forget Eric "Strike Zone As Wide As My Ass" Gregg), are the best in professional sports. Going back to the end of last season, these heirs to Jocko Conlan, Steve Palermo and Doug Harvey have done everything to prove me wrong.

Rays win. Three up.


SundevilJoe said...

What! No Joba in the eight? I think he's been demoted.

Anonymous said...

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