Saturday, October 09, 2010

Yankees 6, Twins 1 (Yanks win series 3-0)

Some anxious moments late (has Kerry Woods acquired Farnsworth's disease?) but really, it was over in the fourth with Thames's home run.

Beyond that:

Nice to see Phil Hughes come into his own, and see all that promise he had that night in Texas three years ago come to fruition.

CC gets eight days' rest, setting him up to pitch game 4 against the Rangers or Rays.

With Thames and Berkman, Girardi just might have a little of Earl Weaver's Terry Crowley/John Lowenstein magic.

In the end, about as well as we could have hoped.

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SundevilJoe said...

Big balancing act on Saturday night....Sun Devils, Yankees and RugRats. It was truly a trifecta. Oh, and I was rooting for the Trojans, and witnessed heartbreaking second loss in a row with last minute Field Goal by the "Tree"

PS Those trade deadline acquisitions are looking good.