Friday, September 16, 2011

Blue Jays 5, Yankees 4

All day today everyone wanted to talk about how the Red Sox were about to fall off a cliff.

Just like that, they're closer to first place than third.

Tonight was not a measure of CC's ineffectiveness--first of all, it was only that dumb half-inning, the two walks that came around to score and the one bad pitch that turned into a doubles that was then mishandled by Gardner; and second, anyone can have a bad inning--as much as it is a measure of how much the team is relying on him to be lights-out every time.

CC is having a great season. But this isn't Guidry in '78, or Clemens in '86 or Pedro in '99. What it is is fine. But during some of his starts the Yankees will simply have to win without him at his untouchable best.

Yes, and: really getting tired of these last at-bat losses. What now, four in two weeks? Five?

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