Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Orioles 7, Yankees 1

A terrible game, but two takeaways: 1. Seventh inning, 6-1 Baltimore, bases loaded, two outs, A-Rod at the plate. Did anyone have pop-up in the pool? I had at least a harmless fly ball. In his 2004-05-06 days, you could call a home run for A-Rod while the ball was still proceeding toward the plate. A-Rod would get the look in his eyes, pull the bat a few inches further back, and . . . so long. Reggie was like that, in his prime, as was Bonds and, when he played against the Yankees, George Brett. Ortiz a few years ago. Pujols except for right now. A-Rod . . . a home run has become a nice surprise. Five more years of his contract, after this season. 2. Hughes looked so sharp early . . . did we think it wouldn't last? That pitch he threw to JJ Hardy, sixty year-old Tommy Lasorda would throw for batting practice.

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