Friday, October 12, 2012

Yankees 3, Orioles1 (Yanks win series, 3-2)

CC was the difference, but Tex was the signifier. In my car, racing around with erancds during the early innings, somehow when Tex stole second against a Bal'mer team not holding him at all--they were, I later saw, very nearly in "defensive indifference" mode, the kind of posture you take when you're up by nine runs late, not locked in a 0-0 brawl against the best lefthander in the American League with the season on the line--I somehow knew it was over. Thrills and chills in the eighth--ball streaks under Jeter's glove, CC mishandles a bloop combacker--but, overall, huge control. A shame they don't have MVP for the ALDS.

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sundeviljoe said...

Agree, this win is totally on CC. It's a shame we didn't win last night to save him for the 1st game but I'll take it. I think the Chavez experiment is over even though I can't blame Joe G. for the move.

On the Tex steal, the brilliant color guys on TBS said just before the steal "no need to hold Tex as he isn't going anywhere".