Wednesday, May 02, 2007


The word came this morning.

Philip Hughes.

Hamstring. Four to six weeks.

Well, just wonderful.

One month ago, Hughes was a treasure shielded from the rigors of major league pitching, cossetted by Brian Cashman until--probably--2008.

Six days ago, the consensus was, "Well, let's hope the kid can help us."

Today--with Moose growing old, Igawa unsteady, three or four injuries to the rotation, with the team not hitting and the bullpen (which two weeks ago looked to be a major upgrade over '06)looking unlikely to last into June--the instant, universal reaction was, Crap, what will we do without Hughes?

Well, it was some kind six-and-one-thirds innings--really, aside from A-Rod's heroics, the only bright spot of this whole dreary month.

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Anonymous said...

If possible, watch Tim Lincecum in San Francisco. If the rookie gets a chance, his stuff will baffle you as well as the opposition.

He's just murdering AAA batters and might get a chance to start this weekend.

Like Hughes, I love the new kids that make the veterans look like bums.

Giambi hurt! What will those crazy Yankees think of next?