Saturday, December 29, 2007

New England 38, New York 35

Quick thoughts:

1. Omigod, what a game. It remains to be seen if the NFL Network gains or loses.

2. Four Pats games this season that could have gone either way--but, college football fans will mark, a BCS Champ (save this year) has to pull out a few of those games.

3. Tom Brady belongs in the pantheon of Reggie Jackson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, David Ortiz, Mo Rivera, Joe Montana . . . have I left out anyone? Who play their best when all seems lost.

4. Bryant Gumbel is an idiot.

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SunDevilJoe said...

Glad to see you're back. Much to catch up on. Like...speed catches up one more time with ASU.

Yes,the Pats game was a great watch. Desert Rose thought it was compelling. I'm not sure Coughlin made the right choice in going all out. But, New Yorkers are applauding the effort as they finally have something good to say about a New York team(well, New York in name only as us natives know full well that the Giants play in New Jersey!) The Knicks, they are not. Steve Serby wrote in the NY Post today:

"Coughlin played to win the game, a compelling game that really was an event, gave the mighty Patriots hell, scared the daylights out of them - and will take a Giant team in perfect emotional health, if not perfect physical health, to Tampa".