Monday, December 03, 2007

You're kidding me

One remembers with a kind of glee the endless fun we had with the Clinton Justice Department (Janet Reno (aka The Butcher of Waco), Web Hubbell, Vince Foster, the Marc Rich pardon, et al), and beyond that conservatives remember the game we used to play, called What if Ed Meese Had Done the Same?

What if Ed Meese had ordered the napalming of a religious cult that was under seige, thus presenting no clear and present danger to itself or anyone--an attack that resulted in children's spines being curled backward, the result of cyanide poisoning?

What if Ed Meese's deputy had been found with a bullet in his head in Fort Marcy Park, his arms by his side, coffin-style, at a time when various Congressional Committees were clearing their throats about one hearing or another?

What if Ed Meese's justice department has recommended the pardon of a fugitive whose wife had just donated five million dollars to the George H.W. Bush Library?

Okay, you get the drift.

I'm now caught with the game of, What if W had done this?

Meaning, What if W's oppo press releases extended to his Obama's third-grade--no, make that kindegarten--essays?

Obama says, I've had no lifelong ambition.

Hillary says, Look at his kindergarten essay, which clearly disproves . . .

No, really. That's what she says. No, really, that's what she says.

Well, such is what Hillary has done (first item).

We've gone from Life Imitates the Onion to Life Outpaces the Onion.

Headline: Hillary's Oppo Unearths Obama Kindergarten Essay Disproving Obama Claim!


Anonymous said...

It's glad to see that my fellow Americans are starting to catch on to the garbage that is "Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Wait... waht?

You mean she is "Hillary Clinton" now?

texasyank said...