Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Yankees 3, Red Sox 1 (10)

Tonight's important factors (in descending order):

1. Pettitte looking strong.
2. Right about here is where Mo has his annual April one-game meltdown. Didn't happen.
3. By swapping Granderson and Garnder for Melky and Damon, the Yankees, twice over, chose defense over offense (money, for the Yankees, being a non-factor). 159 games to go, seems to be working. So much of "good pitching" actually translates to "great defense" (see: the 1982-87 Cardinals, with an occasional good pitching year from Andujar and one great one from Tudor, but behind them, at various times, stood Ozzie, Coleman, McGee, Herr, Oquendo, Van Slyke, and Keith Hernandez). In the Yankees' case, we shall see.
4. Aceves, Joba, Park, Robertson--could we actually have a non-Mo bullpen in the works?

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SunDevilJoe said...

Glad to see your blog is back. Wasn't able to see 2nd half of game tonight but Pettitte looked really good, tough and gritty, refused to give a batter anything to hit in critical situations. Aceves may prove to be really important this season