Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yankees 7, A's 3

Javy? A-Rod? Bah.

The star of the game was Posada: in the first inning, chugging down first--faster than he knew how, yet slower than Softball Guy after three beers--to beat out what was almost certainly an error (and may yet be scored as much tomorrow), and quite possibly could have been two errors had A-Rod come around from third. Next batter, Nick Swisher, two-run single. 3-0.

Later, after Javy had treated us to what, for now, are his obligatory thrills and chills, Posada again busted down the line to beat out a double play. 7-3, for your final.

Goodbye, "Jorgie." Hello, "Wheels."

Complimenting a baseball player for running out grounders to first seems so insignificant . . . until you watch the Mets for five innings.

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SundevilJoe said...

Javy looked better but Joel Sherman(NYPost)says that he is still not there and had a great take on ex Brave (Yankee) pitchers:
"Keep in mind that Vazquez is the fifth high-profile pitcher to move directly from the Braves to the Yankees since the turn of the century. The first four were all free agents and all pretty much disasters as Yankees: Steve Karsay, Chris Hammond, Kyle Farnsworth and Jaret Wright. Denny Neagle and Mark Wohlers were one-team removed from the Braves, when they also came with some fanfare in trades to the Yankees, and then tanked in New York.

So maybe there is a trend here that the Yankees need to beware of ex-Brave pitchers."

The Yankee hustle looks great compared to the disaster in Bean Town.