Friday, June 25, 2010

Yankees 2, Dodgers 1

What a game to finally come home to.

Strong starting pitching, solid D, timely hitting late, Mo.

CC is so big he often seems to have too many moving parts--certainly, when his pitching is a shade off, when his curveball misses a foot wide and comes in at ankle-high, he does.

Special joy: fifth inning, Michael Kay said, "Hey, there's Vin Scully!" And I said, "Hey, there is Vin Scully and switched to the Dodger broadcast.

No offense to Kay and Flash but . . . damn.

What was funny was James Loney, last batter of the game, looking at Mo's backdoor cutter--simply one of the five best pitches in the history of the sport, then getting rung up, then throwing his helmet, then getting thrown out of a game that was already over.

What do we call such a moment? "You're fired! No, I quit!"

Was CC's hitting Padilla intentional? I didn't think so, now . . . I wonder. One of the raps against the 2002-2008 Yankees was that they were too soft--clearly not the 1998 team that carried a brawl against the O's into the Baltimore dugout, when Straw and Graeme Lloyd were throwing blindiders from back behind their ears, then trading high-fives for the cameras in the clubhouse.

CC brought a lot to the team. Had Pettitte been routed in Game Six of the Series, he was prepared to start for the sixth time that post-season.

But tonight was a reminder: CC, along with Tex and Swisher, helps make the Yankees mean.

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SundevilJoe said...

Another positive note from last night was ARod who is looking better at the plate.

Padilla has a long history of hitting Yankees so I don't think it was unintentional.

Was at the two inning Mario save game against the Dbacks. Had seats along right field where 98% were screaming Yankee fans! It was a real happening.

If AJ pitches today, it's hold your breath/cross your fingers time.