Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Yanks swipe three of four from Tribe

Joel Sherman pretty much nails yesterday afternoon and the moment when a two-game swing and the fate of a series hung in the balance:

It all made perfect baseball sense. Of course it did.

Indians manager Manny Acta absolutely had every reason in the world to intentionally walk Mark Teixeira to load the bases with one out in the seventh inning yesterday. Well, every reason but one: YOU NEVER INTENTIONALLY WALK MARK TEIXEIRA IN FRONT OF ALEX RODRIGUEZ.

You have a better chance of plugging that BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with Silly String than actually succeeding with that strategy.

You don't split tens in Blackjack. You lay up in the US Open. You never touch the Stanley Cup until you've won it. And you don't walk Tex to get to A-Rod.

Karma ain't just a dancer at the Gold Club


Robbie-Boy said...

One of my favorite all time events in sports, is when a players on your team is intentionally walked and the next batter makes them pay for it dearly! Just love it!!

And it's nice to see the Rays coming back down to earth just a bit, but the Blue Jays??!! What's up with that??

SundevilJoe said...

I don't believe it! I read the same Joel Sherman column this morning and had copied those same quotes to paste them right here......

PS Vazquez looked great tonight.