Monday, May 09, 2011

Yankees 12, Rangers 5

Late edition--

Jeter's 4 hits had Olbermann calling up comparisons to Ruth's last home runs in Forbes Field (of all things). Jeter will be 1) better than he has been through May 7; 2) not as good as yesterday.

Who'd a thunk Granderson would be all that? A year ago I was cursing the loss of Austin Jackson.

Nice to see CC get a win he doesn't--cruelly put--he didn't deserve.

Equally nice to see CC hang in there at 4-0 and about 9,000 pitches through three innings.

Live by the homer . . . Jeter, Posada, Gardner . . . base hits, guys.

10-13, and virtually tied. Need to fatten up on them Royals before Boston.

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