Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yankes 3, Royals 1

Our long national nightmare is over: Jeter is hitting the ball. .283 the second week of May?

Sparky Anderson said one of the smartest things about baseball, which is that the season doesn't even start until May 15th. Everything before that is positioning.

Of course, Sparky proved that wrong in '84, when Detroit started 35-5 and began printing playoff tickets.

It looks as though, from the two-out-of-three proposition, Colon and Garcia will have to hold up.

Two-out-of-three is the minimum required here, with Girardi set to have CC fit and rested for the Red Sox.


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SunDevilJoe said...

I was most impressed with Robertson in the 7th with bases loaded. Looks like he's learned how to pitch.

I think the KC pitcher tonight was just called up from AAA.