Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yankees 17, Orioles 3

Here it is, boys and girls:

New York - Bottom of 1st SCORE
Zach Britton pitching for Baltimore BAL NYY
D Jeter struck out looking. 0 0
C Granderson singled to center. 0 0
M Teixeira walked, C Granderson to second. 0 0
R Cano singled to left, C Granderson scored, M Teixeira to second, M Teixeira to third on throwing error by left fielder N Reimold. 0 1
N Swisher safe at first on error by shortstop J Hardy, M Teixeira scored, R Cano to second. 0 2
A Jones doubled to deep left center, R Cano scored, N Swisher to third. 0 3
R Martin singled to right, N Swisher scored, A Jones to third. 0 4
E Nunez singled to center, A Jones scored, R Martin to second. 0 5

B Gardner reached on infield single to pitcher, R Martin to third, E Nunez to second. 0 5
D Jeter singled to right, R Martin and E Nunez scored, B Gardner to second, B Gardner to third, D Jeter to second advancing on throw. 0 7
J Berken relieved Z Britton. 0 7
C Granderson struck out swinging. 0 7
M Teixeira doubled to right, B Gardner and D Jeter scored. 0 9
R Cano singled to center, M Teixeira scored. 0 10
N Swisher homered to right, R Cano scored. 0 12

A Jones walked. 0 12
R Martin grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, A Jones out at second. 0 12

As Harrison Ford's Rusty Sabich says to Raul Julia's Sandy Stern, after Stern has destroyed the Medical Examiner's testimony--and with it, the DA's case: "Savor this. You won't get many cross-examinations like that in your career."

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