Friday, July 01, 2011

Yankees 5, Mets 1

A marvelous game with a few wrinkles.

They say bad calls even out--but rarely dies a bad call like the one on Jose Reyes completely demoralize a team so thoroughly. Reyes was safe, no question; and the bad call by an out-of-position (in both senses) umpire snuffed out the last, best chance the Mets had to catch up.

Nunez: 4 hits, player of the game. Just as Jeter comes back. Thanks for playing. No, really: thanks for playing. Now go have a seat.

Tom Boswell once wrote about how many bouncing, spinning curves Carlton Fisk used to block from going by with a runner on third. One season: 70. Unless a gifted defensive player plays shortstop or center field, a good 90 percent of their crucial, above-average plays will be quickly forgotten. And so it was tonight with Tex, digging at a ball and bailing out A-Rod twice--no, three times, if A-Rod's fingers are to be trusted. First-half MVP? He gives you everything Bautista does at the plate, plus a Gold Glove at a harder position.

Nova: 8 wins, with at least one start (barring a demotion in the Hughes/Colon comeback) before the break.

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