Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yankees 22, A's 9

I was going to see the new Irish film The Guard either tonight or tomorrow night.

Guess which one I picked. Sigh.

All I can say is, after all the records have been charted and after the laughter dies down (Posada at second throws to Swisher at first, a one-hopper that Schilling on ESPN describes as Swisher's Web Gem), remember these heroics would not have been necessary had Hughes pitched a half-decent game against Oakland, who even after tonight have scored, this entire season, a grand total of 10 more runs than the hapless Astros.

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SunDevilJoe said...

After the game went to 7-1, i was glad there was golf on. however, I was lucky in that i looked back at the game just as the first gs was hit. i have to say, I've been watching the yanks for about 60 years and have never witnessed what i saw today.