Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Yankees 6, White Sox 0 (7)

What's very cool is, since the Yankees won anyway, they let the two runs from the top of the 7th stand, and did not revert to the end of the 6th.

It was Earl Weaver who had his Memorial Stadium grounds crew trained so thoroughly in siphoning every advantage from a rain storm (the Yankees once lost a game in '78 because of his crap, and in the same game Reggie had a home run wiped away) that a whole host of new rules were put in place.

Anyway, good to see Tex swinging so well. And Hughes, gonna need Hughes.

With CC, Colon, Garcia, and--a few more starts like tonight's, we may wonder why--AJ set in the rotation, apparently this week is the Hughes/Nova bake-off. After tonight, though, the only question for Nova may be the pen or back to Scranton.

Oh, right: "Put it on the booaaaaaaaaaard . . . Yeeyes!"

No worse than a split.

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