Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yankees 6, Indians 4

The game was a breeze, except for some thrills and chills in the ninth, so consider: 1. Time may tell if today was the day things went south for the Orioles. Entering today, not only did all five AL East teams have winning records, they were all, the in the aggregate, on the plus side in runs scored/runs against. Today, the Orioles fell back to zero--even Steven. Not a good harbinger. 2. Phil Hughes--ibid. 3. What the Indian anouncers on MLB danced around early on was this: Cleveland is ready to fall over a cliff. 4. Four games to the good, with--as always--Boston lurking somewhere back there. Youklis gone, the Sox can now rotate back to Gonzalez at first, Middlebury at third, Papi at DH.

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