Saturday, June 09, 2012

Yankees 9, Mets 1

Wonderful strategy, that: keeping Johan Santana out two extra days to save him for the Yankees. Throw out CC's mystifying start against the Rays, and what we've seen has been the best baseball the Yankees have played all season the past week or so. Cano: two home runs, and--as Ron Darling said--he still hasn't really started. Jeter, playing like it's 1999. Martin, heating up at least. Swisher, playing well and annoying the hell out of the opposition (after Jones's home run last night, when Swish raised his arms and ran the length of the dugout, the Mets' play-by-play man harrumphed, "Well, he does love to celebrate.") Tex and Granderson--rounding into form and giving you a Gold-Glove performance in the field every night. A-Rod at least is fielding well. In place of Gardner, it is clear that Girardi appears satisfied with a bucket brigade of left fielders: Ibanez, Wise, Nix and perhaps even Jones, a little like the Yankees of '99 with Polonia, et al. Let is hope Kuroda isn't hurt.

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