Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mariners 4, Yankees 2

Hard to imagine this turning out worse--beginning not with A-Rod but Teixiera, who hit the two hardest balls of the night and wound up with a single RBI. The Yanks' weakest starting pitcher (Garcia) against one of the Mariners' few legitimate stars (Felix) and they still should have one. And then, of course, A-Rod, who is out. Five weeks? Six weeks? Adn he was playing the best ball of the season. What else? Yankee pitchers give up zero walks until the eighth inning, whereupon they give up three, including the insurance run . . . . on an eighty-foot base hit. I didn't stay around for the end.

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sundeviljoe said...

Well, I stayed to the bitter end. Observations;
I wish our lefty relievers would learn that walking batters is not why they've been put in.

ARod's glove will be missed as much as his bat.