Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Rays 7, Yankees 4

You do know the difference in the game, don't you? A lot of talk ws in Houston in 2001 about the "Arizona Astros," how the four best D-Backs who beat the Yankees (Schilling, Unit, Gonzo, Finley) had all served time in Houston. Now, with Tampa, the connection is more tangible. Gerry Hunsicker, the GM who gave Houston six playoff teams in nine years (the last was reportedly Tim Purpora, but it was a Hunsicker team) was forcded out in a vanity struggle by Drayton McClane. Since then, of course, he has recast his parsimouniously winning ways in Tampa. One thing he specializes in is picking up Astros he originally scouted, whom the big club has, in his absence, lost faith in. Case in point: Jeff Keppinger. That would be .320 Jeff Keppinger, who tied the game up with a two-out, two-run single in the third. Pretty much the hit that kep the Rays in the game long enough to win it. Tampa Bay Astros.

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