Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hillary Watch II, etc.

Plagiarism? Is that all she's got? Leaving aside their (eg Lanny Davis's) pretending they didn't make the accusation when they did (once again, telling a lie about their lying when they're lying), what struck me about the accusation was that it was so lame.

This is the famed Clinton attack machine? Howie Carr, in the Boston Herald, was . . . well, if it's possible to be quoted laughing:

How desperate is Hillary Clinton when she’s accusing Barack Obama of lifting material from Deval Patrick?

First of all, Deval is working for him - you can’t steal something from somebody who’s working for you. Second of all, if Barack ever does get caught lifting material from somebody else who’s not on the team, he can always dust off the ultimate excuse:

It wasn’t plagiarism, it was an homage.

That’s what those wacky Jerry Lewis-loving French film directors always used to say when somebody caught them lifting scenes, shot by shot, from a crappy Grade B Monogram film noir.

Lame, lame, lame. Is that it?


jimmy said...

That's it. Here is Digby on the debate last night:

The reasons she didn't go for the jugular is that she knows it doesn't work for her and, contrary to popular myth, she won't do or say anything to win. I know that's shocking to those of you who are convinced that Clinton is a monster, but it's true. Her campaign has not been, by any historical standards, a negative or nasty one. She has stated repeatedly, and again last night, that the party would be unified and in light of the fact that she is losing, that remark takes on a different character -- she will not turn the Democratic party inside out just for the fun of it or greatly damage the front runner in some quixotic quest for power. (It's hard to believe that anyone but Ann Coulter would ever believe she would do such a thing, but there you have it.)

Her final comment was gracious and heartfelt; one senses the beginning of the end being accepted and absorbed.(And, of course, a Democrat is never more well-loved than when he or she is delivering a concession speech...) This is a person of maturity and depth and one of whom most Democrats in this country are actually quite proud.

jimmy said...

Here you go Joe. It seems some in the Clinton campaign are on board with smears: