Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jimmy's blog

By the way, anyone who is of a like mind (or maybe not like-minded, or perhaps into gardening) as commenter Jimmy, aka "liberal wingnut" (that was one commenter) aka Prof Jimmy, aka my colleague Jimmy Langston, should check him out on Jimmy's Blog.

Lotta family stuff, lotta gardening stuff. Some politics. (How about some poker tips? It appears that the Houston Chronicle, in its unending quest to remove anything worth reading from its pages, had stopped wossname's Saturday poker column.) General sunniness from a smart egg.

In fact . . . it appears Jimmy kept closer track of the Writer's Strike than I did. Both of us had dogs in that particular hunt, Jimmy with family member and myself with my friend Cinco Paul. I was bowled over by the start of the semester and lost track of the goings-on. Jimmy, not so much.

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