Friday, February 15, 2008

Hillary Watch II

Some addendums to the below:

1. A few days ago Brendan Loy,The Irish Trojan, caught Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson in a rather interesting quote:

We are not making distinctions between certain kinds of delegates. We don’t make distinctions between delegates that are chosen by millions of voters in a primary or tens of thousands of voters in a caucus. We don’t make a distinction between elected officials.

Loy responds:

Heh. I love the blatant dishonesty of the statement, "We don't make distinctions between [primaries and caucuses]." I wish someone had replied, "Of course you do, Howard! You've done it consistently throughout the last several weeks, and in fact, you're doing it right now, under the guise of denying it!" It takes a truly artful liar to lie about the very words he is saying, even as he says them. These Billary people really make dishonesty an artform.

2. SunDevil Joe adds:

Regarding Florida and Michigan, I'm sure Bill and Hill will find a "disinterested party" to file a lawsuit to seat the delegates.

Laurence Tribe, probably. More in sorrow than in anger.

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