Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Yankees 5, Jays 3

Something tells me beating Roy Halladay in August is somewhat akin to getting par on number 12 on Sunday at Augusta.

You know what I'm talking about. Sunday at the Master's, at The Greatest Par Three Hole On Earth, the flag is back and to the right.

Everyone in contention knows how to play No. 12.

You hit what passes for the fat part of the green. You two-putt for par. You pick up your ball and run to No. 13.

I followed tonight's game courtesy of the manual scoreboard at Minute Maid. 2-1 against Halladay for the longest time.

Then 4-1. Then 4-3. Then 5-3 with Rivera warming up.

Well, well played, Pettitte. A win over Halladay, just good enough to beat him.

And Tex.

Now we run toward tomorrow.

Hey, great title for a Lifetime movie: "Run Toward Tomorrow."

Do what you need to do and run toward tomorrow.


SunDevilJoe said...

Who would have put money on the Yankees beating Halladay in his "Homecoming" game in Toronto? The way Pettitte has been pitching (it's all in the cutter)lately, I wasn't surprised that he had a good game. Surprising was back to back homers followed by Hideki in the next inning against Halladay.

And, to make it sweeter, I then watched the Sawx go down in extra innings. To stay with the Masters analogy, they put one in the water on the 12th.

A very pivotal night.

Anonymous said...

Sergio Mitre is still in the 5 man rotation? This could prove fatal in the stretch run. I mean seriously? The Yankees couldn't find anyone better than a guy with a 7.09 ERA at the trade deadline? ANYONE??

Beating Mr Perfect and Doc Holliday in their homes back to back was a HUGE statement.......