Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yankees 8, White Sox 3

Ah, what a wonderful game. And, as the announcers stated today, just a few more days until the gates open up on the Triple-A starters and all their fresh arms. Then Mitre and Acevedo (and maybe Gaudin) go back to as-needed basis bullpen basis, with Mitre kept in reseve as a spot starter, and Joba continues his downshifting.

It was ironic that one of the announcers I caught on TBS was Al Leiter, a former Yankee prospect the Yankees thoroughly mishandled before shipping out of town twenty years ago this summer, fresh on the heels of a 160-pitch meatgrinder.

Of course Lupica couldn't leave all the above at that, something about Joba getting more vacation than anyone since W.

Ha ha. Of course this attitude is a product of the White House press corps, which hated Bush dragging them to Crawford every August. Martha's Vineyard this time of year is a hundred times nicer than East Texas--take it from me. During the Clinton Administration, the White House print media woke up at their four-star seaside inn, showed up for their daily briefing, filed their 700 words, got in their nine holes at Mink Meadows or Farm Neck, then made sure to snag the best table at the best restaurant in Edgartown. And so it is now with Obama.

In Crawford? No room service at the Bear Creek Guest House, 110-degree heat on the way to the briefing, and then some dry rub at Ernie's outdoor Bar-B-Que and Ice House. It is well-known the press corps hated it. And all of them, with the likes of Lupica egging them on, promoted the idea that August in Crawford was a goof.

To cheer myself up, I got me some Ozzie, comparing his Sox to a Little League team--or better, saying his squad doesn't quite measure up for a Little League team: Heh.

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SunDevilJoe said...

The sweep couldn't happen to a better entourage led by Hawk and Ozzie.

I wonder Kupica will say when the country goes broke!