Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New York Yankees, World Champions

A few quick thoughts:

1. Robinson Cano, not even on the Yankee radar nine years ago, finally gathered up that third out that was last seen bouncing around in the desert eight years ago. There was a gaping hole in the history of the franchise. Now, closed.

2. The thing is: if you spend money, go shopping at Tiffany's. CC, Burnett, Tex. Huge, huge.

3. A-Rod is now a World Champion. Cue rasberry.

More tormorrow.


Anonymous said...

Watched it at the station last night. The ENTIRE game. Then came home and watched the last inning and post game with Ryan this morning thanks to the DVR.

Then it dawned on me, I've raised my kids to be Yankee fans and the last time the Yankees were Champions- Isabelle was 2, Ryan was 9 months and Logan, well Logan was born a year later.

So I think this one is a new kind of special for me...........


SunDevilJoe said...

Yes, it was a very special happening, especially after having to endure the long wait and humiliation of seeing the DBacks and Red Sox win during that time.

It was vindication for ARod, Brian Cashman and others. Also, a renewed appreciation of Matsui.

Why does Matt Stairs look like the club house attendant who just put on a uniform?

Now,don't we have a football game this weekend?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Joe. Also, thanks for champagne and gifties. You and Tammie are champs. We still haven't opened Jameson's gifts, but will so today or tomorrow I think, and then we'll give you a call.