Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Yankees 7, Phillies 4 bottom 7

Just my luck every strand of my life screams for attention this week. Since the Series started, I've bought a house, driven to Little Rock, taken part in a round-table discussion about adult education, eaten some very good steak (thanks again, James!), eaten some good catfish, driven to Hot Springs, treated myself to a Turkish bath, and driven home, searching for a signal somewhere in the Ozark Mountains, driving down a highway between a canyon of trees that felt like one of the more brutal Par 4s at the US Open. Olympic, maybe. Or Oakmont, Bethpage.

Tonight, a midterm, which reduced me to following Game 6 on my Blackberry. My students were amused when Matsui picked up A-Rod, and dealt with my "Yes! Yes! Yes!" ringing down the hallway.

Here comes Rivera.

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