Monday, November 02, 2009

Phillies 8, Yankees 6 (Yankees lead series 3-2)

In the end, five runs against Cliff Lee--and a loss.

Jeter and Tex both come up as the tying run in the ninth--and those two at-bats account for the final three outs.

Did I miss anything?

Just that the Yankees are now totally out of front-line pitchers who could go on regular rest. Wednesday, Pettitte on three days. Then, if necessary, CC starting the fifth Yankee game of the last 13 (yes, yes, with the long interval in between one series and the other). Did Gaudin even make the Series roster? I mean I seriously don't know, or else I forgot. In any case, his arm is 34 inches of rust, and Girardi has pretty much decided his course.

Ahhhh. Back to the Bronx.

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SunDevilJoe said...

I was praying that we would get to face Brad Lidge, but it wasn't to be. Pitching now becomes the key element.