Monday, August 16, 2010

Royals 1, Yankees 0

AJ Burnett has become, in miniature, every baseball team's definition of a slump. One day, his team scores 7 runs, he gets knocked out and loses. Yesterday, he allows a single run--in the first inning, no less--and his team is shut out, and he loses.

Saw this one via Minute Maid, where a friend came through with tickets so glorious that Astro-Girl and I were the hole in a donut of scouts seated behind home plate. Saw, in essence, the next five years of the Astros--no-names like Wallace, Keppinger, Sanchez, Johnson, Castro (the infield and the catcher--watch these names)--beat up on the Pirates and our old Yankee friend Karstens.

One comic relief from watching one zero after another flipped over in the NYY score line was the re-emergence of new Pirate Chan Ho Park, who came in in the eighth to mop up.

Park started the inning with a slider.

Chris Johnson deposited it in the Crawford Boxes, 340 feet away.

Thanks for coming, Ho.


SundevilJoe said...

Baseball is a funny game. How can you be shutout by a washed-up, retread first round pick?

Anonymous said...

Check out tonite--Joe Jr.