Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yankees 12, White Sox 9

Sloppy, but we'll take it. No choice, what with the immortal Dan Johnson walking off vs. the Red Sox. Dan Johnson? Off Scott Atchison?

Lupica, today:

The Yankees were 13-14 over a month of baseball that ended with Friday night's sparkling performance against the White Sox, and when you play that kind of dreary baseball over this long a period, you get people wondering if you're still the $200 million odds-on favorite to repeat.

Over the last two months, here are the two teams from which our kids have won series:

Mariners. Tigers.

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SundevilJoe said...

Needed the hitting since the bullpen took the night off.

Was bouncing back and forth between the Yanks and Red Sox game. The strategy has to be for the SAWX to get buried, so was glad to see the walk off from who?

Desert Rose and I were also was peeking in on the "Crudinals" to see if Matt L will keep his job. Jury is still out on that. Can you imagine being replaced by Derek Andersen!