Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yankees 7, Rangers 6

More exciting than the actual comeback was Mo's deathstare at this fellow Elvis at third(Want a piece of me, bitch?) following Josh Hamilton's one-out comebacker. Vlad's tough groundout was merely the QED.

A no-out triple dies at third. Vintage Mo, preserving the save. And about ten years from now, five or six wiseasses are going to vote to keep him from a first-ballot Hall-of-Fame induction. I hate everything.

Rays lose. 1 1/2 games up.

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SundevilJoe said...

I have to admit, I almost gave up as I started to channel surf. What do you expect, down by 5 runs and Cliff on the mound!

The best part was the Texas announcers who were in obvious disbelief. They had been crowing all night about Cliff Lee and were supremely confident that there was no way Cliffy was going to lose this one.

I bet Mariano's pulse was no higher that 65 as he got the last three outs.