Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yankees 4, Indians 0

The season was crippled before Colon reached first, and we all knew it. Of all the predictions I made in April, this one stands out: Absent Cliff Lee, and without a trade, the Yankees needed two good seasons out of three, from the collection of Hughes, Colon and Garcia.

Hughes was terrible, then gone. Garcia was a standard .500 number-five starter. Colon (throwing on whatever happy juice he found in his home country) was the Yankees' second-best starter. AJ went into his long-delayed el foldo. Nova tried.

Soriano, gone. Joba, gone.

Now Colon.

Leaving the Yankees with CC (who was just shelled), AJ (ditto), Who Knowva, Good Ol' 12-10(my prediction) Garcia, Robertson and Rivera.

A four-man rotation and a two-man bullpen. And too many teams in multiple hunts to start shedding salary. There may no Corey Lidle to be had this year.

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