Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yankees 5, Brewers 2

Drip, drip, BANG (Martin) BANG (Posada) tonight. Funny--when Posada hit the solo homer to ice it, the dork who let the ball hit his hand, then bounce back to the field, for a second was . . . Jeffrey Maier in reverse: a guy whose efforts turn a legitimate homer into (thanks, in part, to Jorgie's confusion) a single/tag out.

Icing the moment was the guy's son, sitting next to him . . . in a beanie . . . with Baltimore Oriole colors and logo.

Over the hill come Colon, Hughes, Jeter. A big hand for AJ and Garcia, for Swisher and Jorgie, for Tex and A-Rod and Cano and Gardner--and, tonight, for Martin--for playing just well enough to keep the Yankees afloat while at least some of the main pieces heal.

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