Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yankees 6, Rockies 4

A terrific win to be sure: coming back twice from 3-0 and 4-3, back-to-back homers by those slow-starting, suddenly sorta-hot Swisher and Posada, serviceable pitching from Nova, great relief from Logan--and, of course, Rivera. Still, the big stories:

1. Yankees' Old-Timers' Day--Bernie Williams bounces a double off the wall. Two batters later, Tino Martinez drives him in with a homer into the porch. And all I could think was, Damn, what a great team that was.

2. Also, God bless him for his bat and his quicks, but Mickey Rivers still has the same throwing arm he had in the 70s. And that's not a compliment.

3. Also: nice to see Stick Michaels get his props today, and remind ourselves that George Steinbrenner was suspended from operating the Yankees just long enough to allow Stick to assemble the team that would terrorize the American League for a decade. Three of Michaels' pieces are still playing--Jeter, Posada, Rivera--and the man he built the team around, Bernie, was back for his first Old-Timers' ovation.
38 minutes ago.

When I wrote the above on Facebook, Ken Jorgensen commented: "Old timers day with Bernie Williams and Tino Martinez? I don't even want to think about what that means about my age."

Me: Good point, especially when you consider I first saw Bernie in person 22 years ago; he was a skinny kid behind big wire-rimmed glasses and playing for Albany-Colonie AA. Missed a fly ball in center, it went SPLAT in the mud. I shouted, "You'll never make it to the Bronx that way, Bernie!" You may have heard: he made it to the Bronx.

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SunDevilJoe said...

So you think you feel old! I remember seeing (live,in person) Yogi Berra and the "Scooter" when they played for the Newark Bears.

Must read recommendation: Joel Sherman in today's NYPost. Good analysis on Yankee pitching and potential acquisition.