Saturday, April 28, 2007

One year ago today . . .

It hardly seems worthy of anyone's attention now, but last year marked one of the most notorious mornings in major-sports draft history. This was the day that the Houston Texans took Mario Williams over Reggie Bush--or, for that matter, Vince Young. I wrote of the event thus:

There is no better place to measure the pulse of the Houston sports scene than the Buffalo Wild Wings sports bar in Rice Village. BWW had been planning its draft party for weeks. Special “Vince or Bush” pint glasses were made up. An ad read that “parties of 8 or more” would receive specials on wings.

For a big event–-a UT football game or an Astro post-season game–-you can barely get in the door there. Clearly a mob was anticipated for today. Instead, the place was a graveyard; only ten people in the dining area, maybe double that in the bar. The bar itself should have been three deep; today, two people sat silently and stared ahead.

Back in the dining room, the extra staff lined against the wall and looked at rows of empty tables. When Mario Williams’ name was called, the booing was half-hearted, almost obligatory. Why pick on the kid? Some cheering from the Longhorn faithful when Vince was chosen, some “Oooh”ing for picks four through nine (translatins: Matt’s still on the board!), then when Matt went everyone turned their attention to the Astros game.

Houston has become a baseball town, and pro football here is officially a joke. I honestly didn’t think that was possible.

This year, I couldn't even rouse myself to leave my apartment. I'll watch the first few picks, then go for a run.

The Houston Texans aren't even worth my anger.

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