Friday, April 20, 2007

Red Sox 7, Yankees 6

Let's all have a seat, people.

And let us consider what we don't have to worry about, in roughly ascending order:

1. Mo. Does anyone remember two seasons ago, when Rivera was fresh off the Red Sox's historic comeback, when he was served up a Standing-O at the Sox's Fenway ring ceremony because, supposedly, the Sox had ruined him? Remember the expert analysis on "Baseball Tonight," when Kruk demonstrated how everyone had figured Mo out, how all any batter needed to do was to drop his front foot back and anticipate the cutter?

Remember how Mo was finished?

Oh, really.

When Mo goes down, he goes down freakishly. Dave Roberts beats Georgie's throw by a thousanth of a second. A homer hits the screen of the foul pole.

Or tonite. A flare is followed by a freakish hit down the right field line, which, when hit just so at Fenway, resembles a ball spun in a Roulette wheel.

Then, a flare over a drawn-in infield. Gonzo II.

Don't worry about Mo.

And, by the way, with a 6-4 advantage, why wasn't Menk guarding the line? Coco's bounding five-hopper would have been dead meat that way.

2. Yankee Relief. In general. Viz screwed up by walking Man-Ram. He'll learn.

3. Yankees in General. The Yanks scored six runs tonite. A-Rod scored three and drove in four, which doesn't compute.

It's a long season.

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