Thursday, June 28, 2007

The fans go wild

Lest anyone think the immigration bill was defeated by a GOP cabal, take a look at the first three Huffpost comments re the news:

1. YES! This is a victory for America's poor and low wage citizens.

Now can we please enforce the laws? Crack down on the employers? Build the wall? etc...?

2. Agreed. Cracking down on the employers is the most important step.

This is a heated topic. I often hear the refrain "they're only taking jobs Americans don't want to do." This is patently false. Do the research. Construction, landscaping, factories. Illegal immigration has only driven down wages. That's the INTENT.

My parents were forced to close their once lucrative business in Texas. They were electrical contractors, running a union shop. Now even the FEDS contract with non-union shops.

With so much outsourcing, Americans will be forced to compete for these low-paying jobs. The good jobs are drying up, folks. There's not much left.

3. Let's hope this bill and all others like it STAY DEAD.

Once Congress and the Executive branch have demonstrated a little credibility on their ability to enforce immigration laws they themselves write, then perhaps we can revisit this problem.

This would be a good place to start working on that credibility problem. . .

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