Monday, June 18, 2007

Free Scooter Libby (back to politics)

Five months later, I finally learn to work the cut/paste mechanism on my new desktop..

Allow me to break out the mechanism thus:

Scooter Libby should not go to jail.

Christopher Hitchens (ta ra!)has the details.

Iraq, immigration, the coming '08 elections, Gaza, Hillary, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi--the political landscape is looking pretty dreary indeed.


Anonymous said...

Okay, okay . . . I've been waiting patiently for a coup de grace post on Nifong, and instead I get one on this d*ps&#t. I'm forced to assume one thing: you have something special brewing regarding the pride of Durham.

texasyank said...

Every time I sit down re Nifong, events outrun me. But I;ll try.

Anonymous said...

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