Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yankees 10, White Sox 3

This is how one gets to .500, and hence in the wild card race.

This is not a Yankees team that will rip off 15 wins in a row. No, they'll have to two-out-of-three the opposition to death.

And for God's sake, it's the first week of June. A-Rod has 22 homers, including a slam tonight. He's heating up again. But. But: he dogged it out of the box last night, something neither O'Neill nor Tino nor Scottie would have been caught dead doing, which reinforces my opinion that the 1998 Yankees were the best team in history. When Scottie Brosius hit his home run against Trevor Hoffman in Game 3 of the World Series (a homer that sealed the game, with Mo-in-waiting; and the Series, with Pettitte, Wells, Cone and El Duque ready to go the full Monty, if needed) he was halfway between first and second when the ball cleared the fence.

He sprinted out that fast. It might have been a double off the wall.

Jeter plays this way, every at-bat, every inning. Posada does, as far as he can. And Damon. Melky is Boy Robin in the outfield. For Matsui, to play less than at his best would be a dishonor.

But the rest? Guys, would it kill you to run when you hit the ball?

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SunDevilJoe said...

Well put! A few tidbits I'd like to add are:
-Moose being p**sed off that he got an early hook. That's good news, shows he's got some confidence.
-Melky is looking better and I love his boy like enthusiasm.
-Cairo, playing him has been a great move by Torre. I knew there was another alternative at 1st.