Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rays 2, Yankees 1 (11)

I actually saw this coming.

No, really: Norm Chad, an entertaining enough talker and writer for about half as long as he thinks he is (he's like a guy going through a divorce who just had three beers, whose bitterness and bile spur him on to a few hilarious riffs, after which the laughter encourages him waaaay too much, so he talks for 15 minutes longer than he should)--but someone who, when writing about, you know, sports, knows crap-all.

Put it this way: Tony Kornheiser is the thinking man's Norm Chad.

There, I said it.

So Chad's column today advanced this idea: Mariano Rivera could finish the year with a 0.00 ERA!

So, of course, when Rivera came in in the 10th, I knew the Yanks were toast.

Never mind Giambi "guarding the lines" (translation: moving to the left of the precise location the ball was hit), Rivera was done.

The Yanks have to win games like this. Absent A-Rod and Posada, the team's margin of error is just too narrow.


Anonymous said...

No margin for error. So now all you Yankee fans know what it's like to be "gulp!" average. It hurts doesn't it?

It's not so fun to pretend you have players that only a payroll of only $60 million can buy, is it?


Anonymous said...

By the way, beware of ants.



SunDevilJoe said...

Your comments,although hurtful and mean spirited, are on point. However, what separates the Yankees from the rest of the average crowd is that, they are never content in remaining average.


Anonymous said...

Yes, ants.

Thankfully for the Yanks, they have the bank account to pull themselves out of mediocrity. I'm expecting a new crop of free agents soon. How about a new first baseman? Mark Teixeira maybe?