Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yankees 2, Orioles 1

Biggest win of the year?


Most necessary win of the year?


Good Lord, the way the Yankees converged around Cano, it was like somebody had just won Game Seven.

Easy, boys.

And yet.

Tonight, we saw Robinson Mendoza come up with maybe his third important hit of the season. We saw Ian Kennedy pitch the game of his short career (don't tell me about the Birds, who chased Moose in the first two days ago). We saw, Lord Sakes, Kardiac Kyle go 1-2-3 in the eighth, in place of Joba Who Will Start Soon.

Rivera, okay.

This, tonight, is the team the Yankees need. They must understand the risk here, breaking up the one thing that has worked all season, the starter-Kyle-Joba-Mo baton that has preserved whatever lead the Yanks could hold through six innings.

Starter has to go six, minimum. Kyle has to throw strikes. Mo has to be Mo.

And. And, they gotta hit the ball.

And. Yeah, Girardi, nice dramatics.

Best win of the season.


SunDevilJoe said...

It was the type of game the Yanks have been unable to win. Cano's walk-off winning hit was the first of the season for the team.

P.S. Phil Mushnick's column in the NYPost today is a must read, especially if you can't stand Joe Morgan.

jimmy said...

And it's only June. Nothing before now matters, because you never know . . .

jimmy said...

Well, almost June.