Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yankees 6, Mariners 5

Oh my, what a marvelous game.

With Giambi and Cano coming around, with A-Rod back, the Yankee lineup may finally be acquiring some fearsomeness.

This game had every indication of falling into the arrgh! category. You know: the sort of game you would give anything to replay, just because your guys are so much better, just because your guys kept hitting lasers straight at the other guys and the other guys hit bloopers that somehow fell in.

It was nice to see Arthur Rhodes, though, such a presence in huge Yankee victories down through the years.

What helped today was Matsui in the eighth: busting it out of the box for an infield hit, busting it to second on the throw at the plate on Cano's fly, busting it home on Molina's double--Matsui with the winning run, twice in four days. (Not to be the turd in the punchbowl, but as good as Molina has served as Georgie's fill-in, he could have moved his wide load a little faster out of the box, given that Ichiro was fast after his ball in center.)

While watching the game today, I was struck by the notion that Wang seems to miss Posada more than any other Yankee pitcher does. For all his vaunted chemistry with Spanish pitchers (anyone remember his run-in with El Duque: "Throw a fastball, you f****** pussy!"?), Posada seems to have a special relationship with Wang: Wang's arm motion, his pitch selection. Posada and Wang seem to talk more between innings than any other battery. Posada--who really does deserve co-captain status with Jeter--has, at least on the field, treated Wang as a younger brother since Wang's arrival.

There will be no real Yankee season without Posada. He, Jeter, A-Rod, Rivera comprise the franchise.

Okay, that's tomorrow's problem.

But for today: please, what a marvelous game.

Sunday in the Bronx. Cloudless day. Believe me: Heaven. I've been there before. I wish I had been there today. What a marvelous, marvelous, marvelous game.

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SunDevilJoe said...

Yes, I kept the game on but had also pretty much given up. As it turns out, it was the first time the Yanks had come back from a deficit greater than 2 runs (something like that).ARod in the lineup makes a big difference