Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yankees 8, Orioles 0

Saw this one via the scoreboard at Minute Maid (and by the way, Blue, have you been noticing the Astros lately? If Roy Oswalt were anything like his dominating self, they'd be five games in front already).

Came home to find out the A-Rod seems fine, the Darrell Rasner might be this year's Aaron Small; and that Joba is set to move from the pen to the rotation.

It's hard to imagine the Yankees playing as poorly as they have for the last two weeks. Moose, who fopr awhile looked like circa '97, didn't get out of the first on Tuesday, against Baltimore. Pettitte struggles to put together two good starts in a row. Even Wang (who Joe Morgan awarded the Cy Young Award to last night, before he went out and got banged around by the Mets) is up and down. Phil Hughes is hurt and wasn't terribly effective before that. Ian Kennedy tries.

And the rotation, of course, has been only the second-worst thing about the Yanks in May. A projected rotation of, say, Wang, Moose, Pettitte, Joba and (for now) Rasner is a pretty decent one, but there are times when a team simply must go out and win 12-10. This Yankee team has shown no indication it is capable of that.

Still, good to get A-Rod back.


SunDevilJoe said...

It's obvious Joba is now headed for the rotation. However, this may be intended to pay dividends next year and might be too late for this year. As Joel Sherman of the Post says "It is a dangerous move because the Yanks now hand the eighth inning to an untrustworthy brigade of Kyle Farnsworth, Edwar Ramirez, Ross Ohlendorf and really anybody not answering to the unique name and abilities of Joba.

Anonymous said...

I know! The Stros are on a tear. And they're doing it all with an Oswalt who's just a shell of himself. Their bats are hot. Can you imagine if Michael Bourn could actually hit the ball? He'd have 30+ steals and 30+ runs by now.